Text & Speech

New Accent Workshop
for Actors

The course is designed for actors who currently work/audition in English or are looking to improve their speaking and reading skills in English.
Seats are limited!

In the course you’ll:

  • Learn the sounds of American English (vowels and consonants) and make them your own.
  • Get familiar and comfortable with American intonation, linking, stress and melody, and understand the difference between Israeli intonation and American intonation.
  • Understand, feel and apply the rhythm of English  (a crucial component in sounding natural and owning the language, even if you’re required to speak with a foreign accent).
  • Learn how to analyze texts quickly and effectively when preparing for an audition using contemporary plays, film/television scripts and classical text.
  • Speak English with an American accent WITHOUT compromising your individual and unique voice.
It’s a great opportunity to polish your acting skills in English, receive a new tool set and feel fantastic about how you sound.

Course requirements:

Show up

It’s a given, but when you think about it, it’s not really.
There’s so much going on around us and it’s so hard to stay focused and in one place.
And still, you can’t see change when you’re not fully committed. And since mastering English can open up so many new opportunities, why not give it a real shot this time?
Show up to all classes, be on time, be present.
Plus, it’s super fun.

Complete Weekly Tasks

All assignments are mandatory. Since this course is truly aimed at making real change, homework eating dogs will not be accepted. Take into consideration  3 additional hours per week for your weekly tasks, such as:
Pronunciation exercises: Drilling the sounds and topics that are covered that same week and recording & submitting sample sentences for feedback.
Monologue/scene preparation: Preparing the texts that will be discussed and worked on in class.
Listening and imitation exercises: Analyzing different speakers and speaking patterns.

Be open

In class you’d be working with fellow actors while trying new things. You’d be out of your comfort zone. It’s so important not to judge yourself before building your skill set. It’s important not to judge others. Firgun (sorry, couldn’t find the right word in English) and support are crucial for our work. Critique is given with open heart and precision.

About me:

I’ve been coaching speech, accent reduction, audition preparation and public speaking for over 9 years. I’m in love with English – the sounds, rhythm and melody and I’m super passionate about helping my students to feel clear and confident when speaking, and to help them find their voice in English.
I am very lucky to have worked with some awesome actors like: Yehuda Levi, Dana Ivgi, Yuval Scharf, Angel Bonanni, Michael Aloni, Aviv Alush, Tziporela Ensemble and more.
Check out my weekly video magazine for the inside secrets of American pronunciation.

How to apply:

If you’re new to my program, please send me an email telling me briefly about yourself along with a short recording (up to 1 min)  in English.
Please feel free to talk to me for any questions Hadar 052-5655745 (if I don’t pick up – text me) Or shoot me an email me at: hadar@accentsway.com

Technical details:

10 sessions
2hrs each