The American ‘R’

Since I started this video blog a year ago, I’ve received many requests to explain how to pronounce the R sound.

It’s funny, I’ve worked with so many speakers from different countries, and it seems like the R sound is the one sound that gives almost everyone a hard time. Even for those with impeccable R.

Something about this sound that makes people lose confidence and feel unclear.
Well, no more.

In today’s video you’ll get a step by step tutorial on how to pronounce the R sound along with a few “Training wheel” drills that will help you find (and keep) the accurate sound.

How to pronounce the American R:

Before you go –
Please share in the comments below the video –
do you have any other tips that can help with pronouncing the R?
What are the most difficult R words for you?

Take care and have a wonderful week,