Our Coaches

Sasha Daniel
Pronunciation Coach
and Acting coach

Sasha is a pronunciation coach, actress, and singer. She lived in the United States for over 10 years where she whole-heartedly delved into learning about all aspects of spoken English.

Sasha has extensive experience in pronunciation coaching, including with Hadar’s methods. She finds nothing more rewarding than helping students all around the world achieve their goals in English.

Natalie Pollak
Speech-language pathologist
and pronunciation coach

Natalie is a speech-language pathologist and pronunciation coach specializing in the Standard American Dialect. Originally from Los Angeles, she moved to Israel in 2016 and has been working as an accent coach with Accent’s Way since.

She has been helping people improve their spoken English and improve their confidence when speaking English.

Niko Koshet
Pronunciation Coach
and Acting coach

Niko is an Israeli-born American actress, writer, and coach. She started her career as an actress on the New York stage and continues to work internationally in TV & film. As a non-native speaker, she has worked with dozens of students and is passionate about simplifying the nuances of speech, and sharing with students everything she has learned on her own journey.

Her knowledge and experience in acting, the American accent, and business, help her students reach the results they’re after in their personal lives and careers, and help their overall mindset and confidence.

Judith Hoffman
Fluency Coach

Judith is a member of the Accent’s Way English Teacher’s Academy. She loves teaching English through art, music, poetry, and other creative approaches that enable students to be inquisitive, creative, and observant. 

She also strives to give students the tools to continue learning on their own. While studying for her MA in TESOL, she became inspired to focus on fluency after discovering Hadar’s YouTube videos.

Judith also works as a copyeditor and Spanish-English translator.

Christina Hilton
pronunciation coach

Christina found inspiration to teach after her own experiences learning Spanish and German. Her year in Germany learning the language and obtaining a C1 certificate from the University of Eichstaett influenced her decision to get a BA in linguistics and TESOL certificate in her home state at the University of Florida.

She understands the challenges a foreign speaker faces, which ultimately led her to become a pronunciation coach and assist others to succeed in speaking the English language with fluency. Her main belief and teaching philosophy is that pronunciation can and should be learned in a clear, fun, and engaging way.

Marcela Sancho
Fluency Coach

Marcela has been an English teacher for 25+ years and she’s been in love with the language since day one. Marcela is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to help students feel more and more empowered when interacting in English, improve their fluency, and even get to enjoy the process.

After being an invaluable part of the InFluency Community and the Accent Makeover program, Marcela was invited to join Hadar’s team of coaches.

Marcela’s students praised her ability to help them gain true confidence in English speaking.

Christopher Holifield
pronunciation coach

Born and raised in the Deep South of the United States, Chris always wondered to himself why he didn’t sound the same as his classmates. He could pick up on the subtle differences in the way his parents spoke to him in private versus how they addressed their friends. This curiosity would follow him to college where he learned he had a knack for helping his classmates with their Spanish pronunciation homework.

Nearly a decade later, he now embraces the fact that he will always be an eternal student. “Helping a student to master a new sound is probably the closest I’ll ever be to conducting a symphony. I can assure you that it’s music to my ears,” he says.